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Welcome to Kinson Common
Bournemouth, Dorset.

The Kinson Common Local Nature Reserve is located within the ancient and historic Parish of Kinson. Situated on the outskirts of north Bournemouth, the Reserve is bounded by the vast housing development around South Kinson Drive to the south; The Kinson Primary School, Bournemouth`s oldest school by tradition, to the north; the orginal Poole Lane and modified Kinson Road and recently developed Glenmeadows Drive to the east.

 The Purpose of this web site is to give a comprehensive online library of the flora and fauna to be found on this very important Site of Special Scientific Interest and Local Nature Reserve.

Although far from complete, we intend to strive towards eventually giving full details, with informative pictures of the 60+ types of Wild Birds that are resident or visit the site during the course of a year.

More than 11 Mammals are present on site and include two species of British Bat. Each is dependent upon an essential food chain and precise habitat requirements.

The Kinson Common provides all of the necessary ingredients for all these creatures so that they may all survive on a truly remarkable remnant of an older Bournemouth which is surrounded almost entirely by an urban setting.

Essentially, once originally farmland, with precious fragments of dry heath and wet heathland habitats still remaining, it is not surprising to report that the site also supports up to 8 types of reptiles and amphibians, some of which are very localised in this 21st century.

There are around 40 different trees and shrubs present, and taking into account minute plants such as mosses, the whole Botanical array to be found on the Common swells the present record book to almost 400 recordings. This is impressive for a 40 acre site!

There are many types of insects present, also spiders. Perhaps the most interesting and beautiful are the 24 types of butterflies, some of which are now becoming rarer.

If you are not from our area, why not first go on our Virtual Tour and see the Common in close focus.

We do hope that you enjoy what`s here and we look forward to your future visits. If you would like to add content or Photos to this site please contact us.

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