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The Kinson Common is a little gem locally. Within a site which covers around 40 acres, it packs in a tremendous amount of botanical interest. As the site is divided into at least twelve clearly defined working compartments which range from grassland, dry and wet heath, to marsh, woodland and scrub, the reasons for this wonderful diversity become apparent.

In Dorset, with so many choices available to those interested in the natural beauty that our lovely county has to offer, the Kinson Common is easy to overlook especially as it is entirely surrounded by a built up urban environment.

In a sense the Common is a land-locked time capsule which holds together the history and roots of bygone ages. Within this unique time capsule can be found flora and fauna seldom found elsewhere in the Borough of Bournemouth.

The current Botanical checklist extends to almost 400 records. These range from the humble dandelion to three species of localised valley orchids and minute flowers such as the pale butterwort. Each year, careful researches are also revealing the presence of more species hitherto unrecorded.

As well as giving great pleasure to site users throughout the year, the botanical aspects of the Common create the right habitats so essential for mammals, birds, and insects such as butterflies, moths and spiders, and even water-dependant amphibians and reptiles , also present on site.

The wild flowers and the other botanical features are intended as a starting point to create interest in the Common. Over a period of time, we intend to add more items with a longer term view of putting together a very comprehensive library which will be enjoyed by everyone visiting this website.


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